High quality sound packs for post production

If you are working in film or podcast production good sounding effects are the base for every work. I´m creating own sound packs and creating especially for individual requests.


ANGST | Surrounding Horror Series

In this bundle you get all currently available parts of the ANGST | Surrounding Horror Series:

Designed Soundscapes
Construction Kit
Designed Stereo Soundscapes

ANGST is a collaboration of the sound designers Bony Stoev and Saro Sahihi is the long awaited successor and main chapter of “Surrounding Horror – Prologue”.
It brings you a comprehensive collection of thrilling, abstract horror ambience sound effects in 5.1 surround (SMPTE).

Each soundscape was painstakingly handcrafted to 2:30 minute length with lots of frightening and terrifying sonic events.
It gives your horror-related production just the right amount of heart-stopping texture, leaving your audience with fear crawling up their spines to hold ’em tight.

Also in this bundle is a huge and versatile bundle of construction-kit layers, which can be combined to countless variations and serve as inspiration for your own dreadful sonic nightmares. Some layers were left dry, others were treated with FX. Some are mixed in 5.1 surround others in stereo. To give you both flexibility and instant usability at hand.

Additionally you get all sounds from the Surround Horror Soundscapes library downmixed to stereo.

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