What a great year. Packed full with great moments and projects. Specially the collaboration with Sebastian Linda gave me the chance to work on inspiring films like "Travel Where You Live", "Loving Lanka" or "Life is Dance". Films that are moving our hearts. I´m very proud to be a part of that projects.

"Travel Where You Live" - a visual hymn of my state in Germany I´m living. Saxony. A film with goosebumps feeling. Describing the beauty and inspire us to take a look in front our doors.

"Loving Lanka" shows us the feeling of traveling, not in front of our door but the passion of discovering new cultures and countries. The view for people, moments and that we don´t need material things to be happy.

A highlight in the end of the year. My best work so far. Catch your dreams, live the moment and enjoy every moment. Life is a Dance.

I met so many new lovely people. Thank you so much for inspiration, trust and happiness. 2016 will be a great year. It will start with a journey. End of march I will be in the Philippines and Indonesia. Take a break and film some stuff. Some music is in the making, some own projects. Looking forward.