Making-of video about filming, colours and sound:

On the video making-of you could see how see worked together on the edit, colours and sound. Now I wanted to tell you more about the sound design in detail.

"Loving Lanka" is a new film by the German director Sebastian Linda. The film shows the beautiful landscapes of the SriLanka, countless breathtaking moments, happy people and the way how time can change any movement.
You can hear the voice of Alan Watts. The was an british philosoph who lived in the United States. Sebastian tooks his point of view what time is and how it changes our feeling of it. The main twist of the film ist the changing the foreward playing of the sequences in to the backward playing.
This was the main idea of the film. Now it was my job to find the right sounding layer for the epic movements. The challenge was to insert the feeling of backward. For this a used my old tape machine Revox A77. I took some old tapes with various recordings and played them backwards. Finally I recorded them back to my Mac and cut this stuff in little pieces and searched for the right place for them in the film. I choose the twist moment with all the children and people be on the beach. I tried to create a moment where you feeling like the film is playing backwards but also have a magic touch of drive in it. It tooks quite a time to find out which sounds work and which did not. I the hole movie you can find sound playing reverse or sounds which you have the feeling there are playing backward but are forward. Specially the sound of waves, wind and water are good for designing the feeling of reverse sound. I used a lot noisy sounds which I recorded, sampled, manipulated or combined with synthetic noises.

As you can hear I used the countless sounds to creates a big and wide feeling. Each picture hast his own sound. Some sound I recorded by my self, other are combined or from different libraries. For my work I used sounds and edit them with effects of the software synthesizer Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. A great way to create awesome stuff. I really like the new version of the synthesizer.
For this radicles arrangement I used the DAW Avid ProTools 11. I know that project is very chaotically organized by my self but the result counts. For the warm sound for example I used Plug-Ins of the Swedish company Softube. Specially the Summit Audio Grand Channel was my choice. I liked his warmness and tube sounding feeling. My favorite equalizers to go are the bx_digital V2 from Brainworx and the Softube Abbey Road Studios Brilliance. The Abbey Road adds some nice air to the sound.

The collaboration between Sebastian and me was ping pong game. He started to send me the rough cut of "Loving Lanka" and I started to search for useful sounds and foleys. I send him the first sound design and he told me his meaning and I changed some things and he send me a new version of the film. This process we repeated again and again until we have a version which we both like. One of the creating things between Sebastian and me is that the edit influences the sound design and the sound design influences the edit. After I finished a sound design Sebastian stated to edit the movement in the pictures and that is the reason why pictures and sound fits so good together. It is a unstopped process of creativity which we really enjoy. It makes the final movie better and better. The only thing is that I have to check always the synchronization of the sound design and have to change the positions of each sound clip.
We hope you enjoy the clip! If you have questions, meanings and things which you don`t like write it down in the comments! We are happy about all response ­čśë

Film and edit by Sebastian Linda
2. Camera by Sophia Linda
Grading by Steffen Krones

Stuff I used for the sound design: